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Chicago is about to embark on an approach to community safety and police accountability that’s never been tried anywhere else in the country.

The heart of the project is to hold public meetings & gather community input. Then your new District Councilors bring that community input to the powers that be, and insist that the community’s voice be factored into public safety & policing decisions.

YOU can be a part of this history-making and transformational new era –

All you have to do is attend the meetings!


To tell us what issues concern you in the District, or how you’d like to get involved, please use this form.

The Empowering Communities for Public Safety Act

ECPS is a law that was passed by the Chicago City Council in 2021. It created 2 bodies: the 7-person Community Commission for Public Safety & Accountability, whose members are appointed by the mayor; and the 66 elected District Councilors, 3 from each Police District. 

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