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Julia Kline

To look at me, many might assume I’ve never experienced police violence firsthand. But when I was 15 and got caught for smoking weed, I was almost raped by those two police officers. So I have a visceral understanding of the kind of reverberating trauma that is inflicted by abuse of power at the hands of police officers.

It infuriates me that MANY officers remain on CPD payroll despite multiple dozens of accusations of misconduct against them; and even officers still collecting either a paycheck or pension, despite having been convicted of criminal wrongdoing. Most recently, a whistleblower cop (yes, of course there are some good cops) named Sergeant Isaac Lambert was awarded $910,000 by a jury, after attempting to call out the wrongdoing of three fellow officers. Yet those three bad cops are all still employed by CPD!!!

I cannot stand by and watch this kind of injustice — to say nothing of a catastrophic waste of economic resources — continue unchecked. Many before us have tried and failed (and CPD is currently resisting the federal consent decree), but to not keep trying is unacceptable.

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